Our Goals


Our main goal is to help you permanently correct the underlying problems and treat the body as a whole instead of covering it up with ineffective temporary treatments.

We want you to lose the weight, in pounds and inches in a safe and healthy way, and let us educate you on how to maintain it for life. With an increased metabolism and decreased body weight, results can be seen naturally, without relying on the use of harmful medications and supplements.

Our programs have helped people obtain healthy and rapid weight reduction, inch loss,and fat loss,through our obesity treatments specifically customized for youth, teenagers, adults and the elderly.

We help our clients lose unwanted pounds the healthy way without losing muscle and having an end in sight.


NEW MEee Weight Loss Program

The weight loss program in shorter time period achieves the maximum healthy weight loss.It works in a combination of acupuncture therapy, vacuum therapy, cellulite therapy,fat loss tonningtherapy, bodytonning, tummy trim, etc.

The NEWMEee are done in an holistic approach,which enables it to manage the patient's weight as well as to cure the underlying disorders such as hyper & hypo-tension, psychological depression, endocrine disorders, etc. These programs are

  • 100% harmless & side-effects free
  • No Chemical medications
  • No Steroids
  • No Crash Diets
  • No Strenuous Exercise
  • No Pain